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Easy Easter Craft Ideas to Make with Kids of All Ages

Easy Easter Craft Ideas to Make with Kids of All Ages

Go beyond Easter eggs and make these fun and festive Easter craft ideas with your kids at any age

You and your kids will love these Easter craft ideas!

However your family celebrates Easter, we guarantee you’ve taken part in the time honored tradition of dyeing Easter eggs. This year, that doesn’t have to be the only Easter craft that happens. Check out these incredible Easter craft ideas here:

Fingerprint Chicks (Ages 3 to 4)

Your little ones will love this messy and fun craft. Allow them to get their hands dirty with yellow paint and ask them to make an Easter chick family.

Popsicle Stick Peter Cottontail (Ages 5 to 6)

With just a few pieces of construction paper and some popsicle sticks, you and your kids can make a fun bunny puppet that they’ll play with all spring long!

Paper Plate Puppet (Ages 7 to 8)

A super simple but completely entertaining craft project is exactly what you need to keep your younger ones stimulated. Try this adorable baby chick paper plate craft. This is especially good for kids old enough to use scissors.

Yarn Easter Eggs (9 to 12)

For kids with more agile fingers and focused attention spans, this semi-challenging (but super fun) Easter craft requires only some yarn, a balloon, Mod Podge, and a little patience!

Get the instructions here.

Air Dry Clay Projects for Kids

I am very excited about today’s collection of kids craft ideas – it is all about Air Dry Clay Projects for Kids (well for kids and big kids… ). We love using air dry clay, but find it is something that many people shy away from.

Yet air dry clay is inexpensive (when not buying branded clay) and versatile and there are so many wonderful things you can make. You mainly get air drying clay in brown or grey. But there are also some great (but more expensive) white clay versions. I highly recommend going back to basics and learning to use traditional grey or brown clay with the kids. It is indeed a learning process, and no doubt mistakes (and falling apart) projects will be made, but that is what art projects are all about, right? Learning!

DIY Easy Easter Craft Projects

Easter is coming and with it comes visions of warmer weather, spring colors and loads of fun craft ideas. So grab your creativity, your child and a project that interests you the most and get crafting. These 25 colorful, fun and DIY Easy Easter Craft Projects are sure to be a hit with crafters of all ages.

As always, be sure to click on the links to be taken to the original sources!

Paper Strip Easter Egg Art from Julep

Easter Craft Egg Carton from The Idea Room

Paper Plate Easter Chick from Simple As That

Jelly Bean Bracelets from The Idea Room

Bunny Silhouette Yarn Craft from Katie’s Crochet Goodies

Easter Mason Jar Craft from NO. 2 Pencil

Easter Egg Potato Stamping from Crafty Morning

Easter Bunny Suckers from The Mother Huddle

Make a Chick Using a Fork from Crafty Morning

Make Your Own Easter Crayons from MOONFRYE

Bunny Rabbit Handprint from Crafty Morning

Easter Bunny Gift Bag from The Idea Room

Eraser Bunny Easter Bunny Stamped Shirt from Cutesy Crafts

Bunny Peep Puffy Paint from Crafty Morning

Easter Character Treat Cups from The Idea Room

Easter Cookie Envelope from The Idea Room

Hoppy Easter Thumbprint Printable from Live Laugh Rowe

Felt Easter Egg Animals from The Idea Room

Do you have picky eaters at your house? Check out these 5 Tips to Make Meal Time More Fun!

Also sharing some fun products and creative ways to get kids enjoying food!


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90 Creative & Easy DIY Easter Crafts for Your Kids to Make with You

Jennifer is a full-time homesteader who started her journey in the foothills of North Carolina in 2010. Currently, she spends her days gardening, caring for her orchard and vineyard, raising chickens, ducks, goats, and bees. Jennifer is an avid canner who provides almost all food for her family needs. She enjoys working on DIY remodeling projects to bring beauty to her homestead in her spare times.

Can you believe that Easter is almost upon us? I love Easter. It is my favorite holiday even over Christmas.

I know, I’m a bit of a rarity, but I love that Spring is coming, and I also love sharing in the festivities with my family.

So, that is why I’m bringing you a lot of different Easter crafts for kids. Crafting is something I love to incorporate into our home-school when possible, and Easter is the time of year I try really hard to fit it in.

However, I realize everyone celebrates Easter differently and for different reasons. Therefore, this list will have lots of different Easter crafts ranging from decorating eggs, to coloring bunny pages, to making chicks, and religious Easter crafts as well.

Hopefully, you’ll find the craft that fits you perfectly!

1. Peep Houses

My kids love Peeps and they also love to craft anything that they get to eat afterward. That is why I think this craft is a great idea for kids of all ages.

So, you’ll need a few edible supplies, and then your child will be able to take off and create the Peep house of their dreams.

2. Popsicle Sticks Chicks

These little chicks are really cute and look easy enough to assemble too. This would make a great craft for older kids, but I think with a little help, younger kids could construct these easily as well.

If you are looking for Easter crafts that won’t frazzle your nerves trying to complete and won’t sucker punch your wallet, then you might want to consider doing this craft.

3. Handprint Chicks

This is another colorful and fun craft for kids of all ages. If your kids love the idea of making their own little chick, then you should let them give this one a try.

You’ll just need to be okay with them finger painting, as their hands will make the wings of the cute little chick.

4. Pom-Pom Easter Egg Painting

This is a craft I’m going to have to try for my kids. My youngest always says that he wants to be an artist. With this neat idea, your child can be an artist without making a lot of mess.

You’ll need some little poms-poms that are easily purchased in the craft aisle at most general merchandising stores and then clothespins to keep the mess at bay. This could be a win-win.

5. Easy Paper Easter Wreath

Do your kids like to help you decorate for the different seasons? I know my kids do. It is always so exciting for them to see our house change a little.

Well, with this craft they can not only help you decorate but can also make the decorations for you. It looks pretty simple to make so younger kids could probably help with this one too.

6. Abstract Eggs

These stylish and cute Easter eggs will be fun for you to make with your kids. They will also look beautiful on display with the gold bling.

Of course, you don’t need kids to still want to do Easter crafts. So sit down at ladies’ night and let your creative side out.

7. Tin Foil Easter Egg

I love easy Easter crafts, I love crafts that don’t require weird supplies. I also love crafts that I can do without pulling my hair out. This means my kids will most likely not throw a fit in frustration during the craft.

So, that is why I think this craft rocks. It looks easy enough to do. It should be budget-friendly because there are no weird art supplies required. And if you can do it easily, then you should be able to provide damage control if a little one loses their patience.

8. Clothespin Carrot

Turn an ordinary clothespin into a sparkly and fun Easter ornament. There are so many nice ways you can display this ornament. Or, you can use it on your Easter card envelopes.

Sometimes the small details can make all the difference.

9. DIY Salt Eggs

This craft triggers memories for me. When I was a little girl my mom always decorated for Easter. I don’t mean just a few small items sitting around. She really decorated Easter.

We had miniature egg trees as centerpieces, little baskets filled with grass and eggs, and lots of little bunny trinkets everywhere. So if you have egg trees too, making your own ornaments would be fun and create great memories along the way.

10. Epsom Salt Easter Carrots

Looking for a unique gift idea to give out at your Easter party this year? These Epsom salt carrot favors are perfect!

Personally, I am a big fan of party favors that you can use and don’t just end up getting thrown out or given to the nearest thrift store. Get your kids to help you tie on the pretty green ribbons.

11. Bunny Bait

If you share the story of the Easter bunny with your kids, then this would be a fun way to expand upon that.

You’ll create this fun little snack that they can lay around outside and hopefully draw the Easter bunny to your home.

12. Potato Stamping

I love the idea of using potatoes as stamps. This is a great Easter craft, but it could be re-worked so that it could be a fun craft to do year-round.

However, with this particular work, you add things to the potato to make it look like an Easter egg. Then dip it in paint and press it on paper. You’ll have a really nice looking Easter print on your paper.

13. Spring Snow Globes

It’s amazing how you can easily transform an everyday household item like a mason jar into something completely different.

These little snowglobes are really a lot of fun to make and you can get especially creative and customize your jar as you wish.

14. Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

Most kids really enjoy coloring Easter eggs. It is fun to see how they can turn out to be all different colors.

Or kids can color on them and make them look very different. This craft is nice because it uses shaving cream which makes coloring the eggs a different experience.

15. Easter Egg Doilies

I grew up with doilies everywhere! Maybe that’s why I’m fond of this craft idea. I think anytime you can take a doily and make it look a little different, then it’s a win.

So, if you have kids that love to color and craft, then you should consider this craft idea. It looks to be lots of fun.

16. Pom Pom Garland

Your house can never be too colorful during the Easter season. So, have fun decorating.

Instead of stringing popcorn, string pom poms of all sizes and colors and bring some fun cheer to your Easter home.

17. Bunny Masks

Do your kids like to make and play with different masks? I know my boys do. They’ll decorate paper plates and use string to turn them into masks and have a ball.

Why not let them do the same with this amazing bunny mask for Easter? They’ll have fun constructing it and even more fun playing with it afterward.

18. Jelly Bean Butterfly

Most kids love edible crafts. There is something about making something and then knowing you can eat it. I’m not judging. As a matter of fact, I’m with the kids on this one.

If your kids like to make edible Easter crafts, then keep this one in mind. It looks pretty simple to make, and I’m sure it’s tasty too.

19. Bunny Slime

Your kids will have a lot of fun making the bunny faces on the jars but they will have even more fun playing with the bunny slime afterward.

I mean, who doesn’t love playing with slime? This Easter craft is sure to win them over.

20. Chick and Lamb Easter Craft

This craft goes right along with the last one. If you enjoy making it, then you might enjoy making the lamb friend to go along with the chick.

So again, even if you are the ‘crafty’ one in the family, you might still enjoy this simple craft. I’m sure the kids will too.

21. Handprint and Photo Easter Keepsake

Let’s be real. The majority of the time we have our kids create Easter crafts so we can display them and then hang on to them for the next 30 years until we start collecting our grandkids’ crafts.

I love nice craft projects like this one that are meant to be kept as a keepsake. This one will save photos and handprints while still offering an Easter theme.

22. Crochet Chick

Do you enjoy the relaxing art of crochet? Well, there are lots of cute Easter decorations that you could conjure up with your yarn and hook. Plus, it’s a great time for your kids to learn.

Just look at how adorable these little yellow chicks are. Your kids are sure to love playing with them when they are all done.

23. Geometric Paper Eggs

I absolutely adore how these brightly covered paper eggs look. They will make a great container for all the chocolate treats.

It’s a simple printable pattern that you can really get creative with as you choose your paper and colors.

24. Egg Wreaths

A cute way to set your table this year while having fun and making a cool statement. The prettiest Easter egg wreaths around.

Your guests will definitely appreciate this little extra touch and you can be sure the pictures will turn out great.

25. Easter Sun Catchers

If you liked the previous idea, then you might like this one too. It is basically the same process, only these are cut into different Easter shapes such as eggs, rabbits, etc.

So, if you like the idea of an easy and inexpensive craft that is really pretty, then you might want to consider this Easter craft.

26. Tropical Watercolor Eggs

A very unique idea to paint your blank canvas eggs with pretty watercolor plants. Leaves, flowers, butterflies, you can paint whatever your heart desires and your kids can get creative too.

Don’t know how to paint? Well, this is a good place to practice and try it out.

27. The Easter Egg Button Wreath

This wreath looks very simple to make. You create a wreath from cardboard and then wrap it in twine or yarn.

Finally, you glue different buttons onto the wreath to give it a colorful ‘Easter’ feel to it. Kids of most ages could construct or at least help with this craft.

28. 3D Paper Plate Basket

I really like this craft. It looks really nice. Instead of just drawing a picture of eggs in a basket, the 3D option brings it to life.

So, if you would like to have a unique craft option for your kids, then you might want to consider this option.

29. The Tissue Paper Easter Egg

This is another unique option for a simple Easter egg craft. If your kids (or you) don’t want a really complex craft, but also want to color, then this might be a good option for you.

You just need an egg template and then, instead of coloring the egg, you wad up pieces of tissue paper and glue them to the egg. This creates a colorful masterpiece in no time.

30. Easy Easter Candy Jars

With Easter comes candy. Maybe not as much as with Halloween, but it can sometimes be a close second.

With lots of candy, comes the need for a candy jar. That is where this little craft comes into play. When you have these jars, the kids no longer have to fight over which candy belongs to who.

31. Pipe Cleaner Bunnies

This is another project I could just see my kids loving. The reason is that it is something small that they could use their imagination to play with.

However, working with pipe cleaners isn’t always the easiest thing so you might need to remember to have your patience the day you do this craft.

32. Foam Cup Bunny

This foam cup bunny is super adorable and a really easy craft to do. If you have younger children. it would be a good option because of its simplicity.

If you are looking for an easy and inexpensive craft for children of all ages, then you’ll definitely want to check this craft out.

33. Wisecracker Eggs

Looking for a new way to get your family giggling? Well, this is the craft for you! Easy-to-make and definitely a crowd-pleaser.

I absolutely love the originality of this idea. Hilarious Easter eggs- Why not!

34. Bunny Basket

Here we have a free knitting pattern to re-create this adorable bunny basket. I especially love the fuzzy tail.

This is a great beginner project for those wanting to try out knitting for the first time and also a great time to teach your kids the basics of knitting.

35. Sock Bunny

This is a great gift for kids at Easter, but also a really fun craft that older kids could certainly complete.

If you have a child that loves stuffed animals, or even a group of kids that you’d like to give them a neat craft to take home for Easter, this would certainly be a fun one.

36. Candy Filled Easter Egg Carton Chicks

I love this craft. It is really unique, inexpensive, and rather cute to look at. The idea is that you use part of an egg carton to be the chick.

Then, you put candy inside the egg carton slot. When the egg carton is opened, it looks like a baby chick opening its mouth.

37. Marshmallow Easter Bunny Craft

My youngest completed this craft in preschool. Thank goodness for Pinterest, right?

If you need a fun Easter craft for a smaller child, this would be a great option. It is fun, simple, and inexpensive. Plus, the kiddos like to eat the marshmallows along the way.

38. Paper Plate Chick

We’ve already made a paper plate chick above. This one is even easier. It would be a perfect fit for smaller kids or for moms (like me) that are the best in craftwork.

Anyway, if you’d like a cute craft that is really inexpensive and easy, then you definitely need to check this one out.

39. Bunny Clothespins

Again, I’m not sure of the crafting genius that came up with this amazing and simple craft, but they did. And for that, I’m thankful.

This is such a cute craft where you simply turn a clothespin into a bunny, just in time for Easter. How cute and fun. Plus, it gives the kids a chance to use their imagination in both crafting and play.

40. Napkin Rings

Way too cute! These darling little chicks will hold your napkins in place while also bringing a smile to your guest’s face. Make your Easter dinner something special by adding these thoughtful extra touches.

Made from scrubby yarn, pipe cleaners, and felt. You will definitely have fun making these napkin rings for Easter.

41. Stamped Easter Egg Craft

This craft is another really easy craft that most kids would be able to enjoy. If you have smaller kids, you might have to help them construct their baskets.

However, even the younger kids could enjoy using the sponges dipped in paint to make perfect and colorful Easter eggs for their baskets.

42. The Rainbow Button Easter Egg

This is another fun craft for kids of all ages. Obviously, really young children can’t do this craft because of the choking hazard.

However, if you have kids that can handle buttons safely, then they can do this craft. All you do is arrange your buttons inside the egg and glue. It is that simple.

43. Daffodil Napkin Bouquet

Looking for an Easter craft to keep you busy on the weekend? Trying to think up a clever idea for nametags this year at the brunch table?

Here’s the answer to all your questions. Charming daffodil bouquets that will make your plates look beautiful.

44. The Hatching Chick Craft

This craft looks really fun. You get to create a unique and colorful Easter egg. Next, you create your fun little chick.

Finally, you put it all together so it looks like the chick is hatching out of the egg. It is different, and I really like that.

45. Super Bunnies

The heroic super bunnies are here to save the day. Boredom is no match for these super bunnies and no Easter egg can be too hard to find.

This is a great craft to do with the kids and their friends too.

46. Sheet Music Eggs

Where are all the musicians here? This is a great way to use up your old sheet music while also bringing some musical decoration to your Easter home.

Not a musician? No problem. You can easily print off some sheet music just for the project.

47. DIY Recycled Easter Bunny Vases

This vase craft would obviously be one for the older kids, but it is a great way to use left-over glass jars.

If you love flowers and would love to have a homemade Easter bunny vase, then give this project to the kids. They’ll probably enjoy it.

48. Mandarin Bunnies

What a simple yet adorable craft. This is the perfect art project when you’ve got all the kids and their buddies over that will be sure to keep them entertained (and fed too).

Pom-pom noses, yarn for whiskers, and felt for perky little bunny ears.

49. Painted Easter Basket

The project is quite simple. Find yourself an attractive wooden basket, prepare your working space with newspapers, find your favorite bright colored paints, and get the kids dressed in their artist robes.

Then, you can get as artistic as you’d like painting your Easter egg scavenger hunt baskets in loud and bold colors.

50. Upcycled Bunny Napkin Rings

Don’t throw away your toilet paper rolls. That’s a perfectly good crafting material. Just think of all the Easter crafts you can make with them.

Check out how you can transform those ordinary cardboard rolls into colorful Easter-themed napkin rings.

51. Monster Eggs

You do the crocheting and get your kids to help you glue on the googly eyes and big front teeth.

Or, maybe you want to teach your kids how to crochet, in which case this is a great beginner project that has a fun outcome.

52. Woodland Animal Eggs

Oh so cute! I absolutely adore how these woodland animal eggs turned out. I think I may have found the Easter egg painting idea for this year.

They are especially cute with the added-on ears and tails. Skunks, beavers, owls, and Easter rabbits. You can make all types of furry creatures.

53. Bunny Bookmarks

Paper-folding, cutting, drawing, this craft has it all. Learn how to make these useful and fun bunny bookmarks that your kids can use during their Spring reading.

This craft is kid-friendly and isn’t limited to only bunnies. Why not make fuzzy yellow chicks?

54. Bunny Hats

This just may be one of my favorite Easter crafts. These eggs disguised as bunnies with delicate felt caps are sure to get some attention from your guests. They are just way too cute.

Making the felt hats is a little bit tricky, but your kids can definitely help you out getting the bunny faces drawn on.

55. Paper Plate Bunny Mask

Get your kids playing make-believe with their very own Easter bunny masks.

However, first get them to help you make them by cutting, gluing, and coloring. A great way to pass the afternoon when your kids are on Spring break.

56. Easter Garland

Start making your home looking festive by crafting your own decorations that will really bring some Easter shine to your Spring days.

Little bunny bums in soft pastels decorated with fuzzy pom-pom tails. A lovely art project to pass the time.

57. Paper Flower Centerpiece

A very magical look of pretty flowers decorating your table at Easter brunch! It sort-of reminds me of the mad hatter tea party table in Alice and Wonderland.

So, get out your scissors and your colored paper and start crafting.

58. Easter Cacti

Are you as cactus obsessed as I am? My house is filled with them. So why not combine your love for cacti with your Easter decorations and make Easter cactus egg bunnies.

Definitely an original and unique art project but one that will surely get attention when they are displayed during the holiday.

59. Bunny Bow

Let your daughter pick out her favorite material and then show her how she can make her own accessories. Even something as cute as a bunny ear hair clip.

This is also a great party favor idea for your little girls’ Easter egg scavenger hunt party.

60. Paper Songbirds

Delicate paper songbirds that are super easy to make, and are great to add some extra colorful decoration to your home during the Easter holidays.

Your kids will have fun making these birds and playing with them too.

61. Nest Bowl

This is the most perfect nesting bowl for your Easter eggs. I’m in love. That bright pink and abstract look will look amazing on my Easter dining table.

This is a really fun project that involves popping a balloon. So, you can be assured the kids will love it.

62. Bunny Treat Box

Get the party going with an Easter-themed treat box that has a cute bunny face and cute bunny ears. Fill it with goodies, chocolates, toys, and games!

You can surprise your kids with their own unique treat boxes or you can get them to help you make them and let them design their own bunny rabbits.

63. Origami Chick Egg Holder

Ever dived into the paper-folding art of Origami? It’s a very meditative practice that helps you to relax and just live in the present moment. Plus, it’s a lot of fun and when you’re all finished you have an interesting and unique decoration.

Why not include origami in this year’s Easter crafts and create a nice egg holder shaped like an abstract chick.

64. Rainbow Egg Garland

Oh so pretty, oh so fun. This is an easy Easter craft that you can get all your kids involved in and even the neighbor’s kids.

There is some sewing involved, but you can get your kids cutting the colored card stock with safety scissors as you sew.

65. Easter Bunny Suckers

This Easter craft is seriously a lot of fun to make because you get to play with pom-poms, googly eyes, foam balls, and pipe cleaners!

These also make great party favors to decorate your table with or to hide around the house for a fun scavenger hunt.

66. Soap Boars

Your kids will have fun pouring the soap into the molds but just make sure they don’t lick their fingers after.

Check out how to get the little white bunnies into the soap bar.

67. Cascarone Confetti Eggs

Who doesn’t love confetti!? I know I do. I highly recommend making your own biodegradable confetti. You can do this by whole punching leaves with your favorite hole punch shapes.

Fill paint and crack Easter eggs for an explosion of colorful fun with the kids.

68. Palm Tree Easter Eggs

Easter means Spring and spring-time mean that summer is on the way! Palm trees, beach balls, and golden sand. I can’t wait.

That’s why these beach-themed Easter eggs are so lovely. They remind us of the hot summer days that are soon to come.

69. Fruit Eggs

Another creative way to decorate your Easter eggs this year. This idea is especially cute if you fill the fruit eggs with little fruit candies and toys. It will make opening them up a lot of fun.

Here you can see how to make strawberry eggs but go wild and make any fruit you can think of.

70. Giant Bunny Balloons

Okay, I have to admit, not only am I obsessed with these charming bunny balloons but the whole picture itself.

The colorful garland, the shades of pink, and the pretty paper flowers. This is definitely some good inspiration for this year’s Easter decorating.

71. Disco Ball Bunny

Pretty much anything that is round can become an exciting Easter craft as you transform it into an Easter bunny head.

Whether it’s a balloon, a beach ball, or even a glittery disco ball. Just add ears, whiskers, and a fuzzy nose.

72. Easter Carrots

Entice the Easter bunny to hop by your home this year by crafting up some bright orange carrots.

A very simple craft but one that will add a fun and festive look to your home. Place them on shelves, the mantel, and windowsills.

73. Easter Dioramas

Put Easter on display by creating small dioramas of the famous Easter characters’ bunnies, chicks, eggs, and spring colors.

It’s as simple as decorating a piece of felt or cardboard with Easter toys and then covering it with a plastic cup or bowl.

74. Baby Chick Eggs

Egg decorating has to be one of the most fun parts of Easter! These simple baby chick eggs are so easy to make, your kids will have no problem joining in on the fun.

Get them to decorate and draw their own baby chicks, give them a name, and take them on a scavenger hunt.

75. FIMO Easter Bunnies

What is FIMO? FIMO is a popular modeling clay choice amongst amateurs, professionals, and especially for those working with children.

Combining FIMO with copper wire and transforming them into adorable little Easter bunny eggs is a must-do this year.

76. Paper Easter Baskets

With some simple paper-weaving techniques, some pastel cardstock, and the music cranked up loud, you can have a blast making your kids Easter baskets this year for the egg hunt.

Obviously, getting them to help is what really makes it extra fun.

77. Eco-Friendly Easter Grass

Ready to make the switch and stop using that weird plastic Easter grass? Then hope on over to this tutorial and get going.

Here is an eco-friendly alternative that can be composted when you’re done. What’s not to love? A great project to teach your kids about not using unnecessary plastics.

78. Recycled Egg Cups

Recycle old hummus containers, yogurt tubs, or even tin cans into egg cups. Really whatever you’ve got in the recycling bin can be used to create these egg holders.

Just give them paint, add some sparkles or draw on patterns like stripes and spot and try filling them with your eco-friendly Easter grass that you’ve just made.

79. Easter Bunny Bum Pots

Now, here is a cute craft. These curious little bunnies are digging for chocolate eggs. And it seems like they’ve found a few.

A great way to add some flora to your Easter decoration with a humorous twist. Love the creativity.

80. Fried Egg Brunch Decor

Not your typical take on the classic Easter egg. Still, definitely loving this modern approach to an Easter brunch. Great for a giggle.

These eggs have been cracked and fried and will get you feeling hungry for a delicious pancake and egg brunch. Check out how to make them.

81. Recycled Bunny Bottles

Personally, I am always looking for ideas to recycle plastic bottles. I just hate the thought of them being thrown out. I know there are a lot of good ideas out there, and that includes these friendly bunny bottle planters.

A great way to bring some Easter cheer to your home while recycling and also getting some gardening done.

82. Back to the 80s Eggs

Let’s take it back and kick it old-school for a while. Channel those good times back in the 80’s when there were bold patterns and fun colors.

Take some inspiration from these 80’s themed eggs when decorating your eggs this year to make a vintage statement.

83. Floral Bunny Ears

Although these bunny ears were probably created for a little girl, I have to admit I’m considering creating a pair for myself as well.

I mean, why not? This is the season! And they are just way too cute to not want to wear.

84. Rainbow Easter Basket

Your kids are going to need something to carry all their scavenger hunt eggs in, as well as their chocolate and of course their toys too. So, get them to help you make a beautiful basket to carry it all in.

This basket is made out of beautiful bright felts and sewn together to make a happy little rainbow.

85. Unicorn Eggs

Unicorns are definitely high up on the list of a lot of kiddos right now. I mean, I have to say I totally get it. They are beautiful, magical, and powerful!

My favorite part about this craft is the handmade rose crown that each unicorn has decorating their shiny horn. So pretty!

86. Pom-Pom Napkins

Oh, good morning pastels, florals, and pom-poms. Welcome your guests to Easter brunch with beautiful napkins laid across each plate.

This is a really quick and easy project that you can customize to your liking by picking out your favorite material and pom-pom colors.

87. Easter Wreath

Start welcoming your guests right from the front door, before they even knock, with this festive and charming homemade Easter wreath.

This delicate craft is much easier than it looks and has beautiful results.

88. Popsicle Stick Easter Bunnies

Personally, my favorite kind of Easter crafts are the ones that have a lot of cutting and gluing to do. That’s why I am happy about this cute popsicle craft!

Get your kids to color the popsicle sticks while you cut out their little feet and ears and then you can work together to glue it all together.

89. Felt drink Stirrers

Yes, please. I must make these adorable drink stirrers. They will look great in the patio glasses that I will fill with homemade lemonade.

From fluffy lambs to yellow chicks, to colorful eggs, and of course happy bunnies. You can really have fun making these felt ball drink stirrers just in time for Easter.

90. Egg Carton Rabbits

How funny are these sweet little bunny rabbits? Your kids will absolutely adore them. They can be made out of recycled egg cartons and should be filled with candy eggs if you’d like to be extra popular with the kiddos.

Give them pom-pom noses, draw on some whiskers, and I highly recommend going with the wonderful idea of using googly eyes.

Animal themed ideas for Easter – Chickens, Bunnies & Sheep

Or maybe you are after a specific animal related craft or activity. The main “animal” topics this time of year are Easter Chicks, Easter Bunnies and Lambs and sheep. Our favourite are here:

Cutest of cute Chicken Crafts perfect for the Easter and Spring Crafting season. So many cuties!

All of Red Ted Art’s Bunny Crafts in one place!

Easy crafts for kids:

1. Homemade play dough

There’s something both therapeutic and educational about moulding fresh play dough into shapes, especially for little ones. Young muscles will develop strength, control and fine motor skills whilst playing around with this squidgy craft number. But there’s no need to nip to the shops to buy some, with our easy play dough recipe as good (if not better and cheaper) than the shop-bought kind.

2. A chatterbox or fortune teller

It doesn’t get much simpler than this – with our origami chatterbox craft requiring just a few pens and a piece of paper to do. A playground favourite, kids will love decorating this toy and playing it with all their friends and family members.

Get the method: How to make a chatterbox

3. DIY stickers

What kid doesn’t love stickers and a good sticker book? This is one of our favourite crafts for kids, as your little ones can create their own personalised stickers and allow their imagination to run riot. The perfect activity for a rainy afternoon.

Get the method: How to make stickers

4. Lava lamp

Lava lamps are a great sensory stimulus for little ones. They’ll also show big kids the science behind the cool chemical reactions. Making a lava lamp might seem like a big step forward if you’re not a keen crafter. But this DIY tutorial is really easy to follow and requires mostly regular kitchen items to get stuck in.

5. Jolly jellyfish

These jolly jellyfish are one our favourite crafts for kids. They’ll also make for a great bedroom decoration – think above their bed or hung from their curtain pole. If you don’t fancy forking out for googly eyes, you could always draw the eyes on. All the other equipment like ribbons and tissue or wrapping paper should be readily available in your house too.

Get the method: How to make a jellyfish

6. Rainbow wand

This rainbow wand is a fun activity that doubles up as a toy and handy dressing-up accessory. We’ve used glitter card, colourful ribbons, scissors and glue to assemble. But kids can always add extra customisation with beads, gems and or anything else that feels appropriate.

Get the method: How to make a rainbow wand

7. Rainbow decorations

Another popular DIY activity using rainbows, this is one of our easiest crafts for kids, with only five items of equipment needed. We reckon these rainbow decorations would go down well at any kids party too. Just set up a craft table with the ready-cut card and ribbon and be on hand to show them the ropes.

8. Toilet paper tube crafts

Toilet roll tubes are something every household has. We recommend storing a few and sitting down to try one of our thirteen toilet paper tube crafts. Our favourite includes these carp fish creations, which can so easily be transformed into a hanging mobile with some string and added creativity.

9. Tie dye t-shirts

Another one of our colourful crafts for kids. Why not transform an old white tee into a tie-dye creation? Kids love rainbows and this fun activity will create a one-of-a-kind design that they can proudly show off amongst friends.

Get the method: How to tie dye t-shirts

10. Rainbow sun catcher

Another one of our fantastic rainbow decorations is this rainbow sun catcher – a perfect decorative piece for any child’s bedroom. We recommend constructing this craft around spring or summer when your kid can be dazzled by the light, sending colourful beams around the room.

11. Pen pots

These homemade pen pots make for great gifts come Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or a family member’s birthday.

12. Paper hats

It doesn’t get any easier than these quirky paper hats, which can be made out of anything from old newspapers to left-over wrapping paper. They’re great for incorporating into games and the origami process develops key hand-eye coordination and concentration skills too.

Get the method: How to make a paper hat

13. Party piñata

This fish piñata is a great craft to do with your child and will go down a storm at any upcoming birthday parties. Just keep an eye on your kid and any sweets that go ‘missing’ during the making process…

Get the method: How to make a pinata

14. Rainbow art

Why not use up any surplus rainbow ribbons from the wand and heart crafts and create this fun colourful craft too. These rainbow sun and cloud paper plate crafts uses similar materials, plus paint and a paper plate. We recommended stringing these up in the window of your home to send a positive message to passersby.

15. Cardboard kitchen

Little ones love imitating their parents and playing cook in the kitchen. So why not recreate a colourful play one from a couple of old shoe boxes? You can finish it off with some cheap kids play pots and pans from Amazon or they can always borrow the ones already found in your kitchen cupboards.

16. DIY dreamcatchers

Children love getting creative with beads and feathers. And these dreamcatchers could also help relieve any anxiety they hold over having bad dreams or nightmares too. Help them construct their own with some paper plates, string and a little imagination.

17. Vegetable printing

Vegetable printing will be something any crafty kid will love. Plus it’s a great way to use up any uneatable fruit and vegetables from the fridge. Simply get your template, paint and material ready, then you’re good to go! We love this heart-shaped potato print bunting in particular.

18. Homemade hair scrunchies

This is one craft older children will especially love, as they can customise their own scrunchies with a bright array of patterns and colours. Using their favourite materials and this handy tutorial, you can learn how to make your own scrunchy. Unique and useful – this is one of our favourite crafts for kids.

19. Funny face frames

One of the best things about heading to the pier at any British seaside resort? The wacky photo stands of course! Capture that excitement at home with this fun craft and have them come up with their own quirky characters.

20. Pebble people

Who doesn’t have old pebbles from the beach or stones from the garden lying around? Instead of letting them get under your feet, get your kids to make them into fun characters – or even portraits of your family. Along with the pebbles, all you need is a couple of pots of paint and a bit of inspiration.

Get the method: How to make pebble people

21. Paper mache

Spend the weekend creating an amazing paper mache creation – one of our easy crafts for kids. There’s plenty of cutting and sticking to do with this one, which helps develop key fine motor skills. As with all crafts with scissors – adult supervision is recommended.

Get the method: How to paper mache

22. Rainbow streamers

With this simple tutorial on rainbow streamers, you can transform a toilet roll tube into a fun toy that kids of all ages will love. Hang them outside to watch the streamers really come alive.

23. DIY dinosaur

Kids with a passion for the prehistoric period can create their own dinosaur kingdom from readily available household objects like toilet rolls and paper plates. Copy our sauropod design to start then branch out to fan favourites like the T-rex or a triceratops.

24. Puppet theatre

This kids craft is a little more complex and will require specific items like velcro (which mum or dad will have to iron). But don’t let that put you off. Once constructed this theatre will keep kiddies busy for hours, as they conjure up vivid stories and characters to share via the stage.

25. Elephant’s feet

To make these nifty elephant’s feet you’ll need some large tin cans and plenty of paint. If you’ve just painted a room recently, even better! Use the old paint cans to create this excellent crafting project and let your little ones bring their dreams of stomping across the savanna to life.

26. Tin can kites

Another of our tin based crafts for kids. These tin can kites will brighten up any dull day. And with a cupboard full of tinned goods, you’re bound to have a few spare cans lying around at the moment. Get your child to put them to good use with splatterings of paint and lots of ribbon.

27. Easter pom-pom animals

One of our more seasonal crafts for kids – these Easter pom-pom animals are great to create during the spring break and school half term. Be sure to hang these up around the house ready for the Easter Sunday feast or why not substitute the chocolate in the traditional egg hunt and hide these instead?

28. Bug hotel

This is the perfect craft for any green fingered kid or child fascinated by creatures. Source any leftover building materials like bricks, felt or even an old tire, then assemble your mini-beast motel with our easy-to-follow tutorial. Kids will love checking in on guests regularly and learning all the fun facts about them.

Get the method: How to make a bug hotel

29. Fans

These paper fans make gorgeous decorations for a kid’s play room or temporary den. Made from patterned paper and a lollipop stick – they’re also one of the cheapest crafts for kids in our round-up.

30. Calming glitter jars

These glitter jars are throughly therapeutic and can be created in five speedy steps using a clean jam jar, some glitter and water. Kids (and adults) can enjoy a quiet moment watching the glitter fall, which in turn will enable them to re-centre their energy, focus and any previously pent-up stress.

Get the method: How to make glitter jars

31. Sunshine

Had a birthday party recently? Chances are you’ll have a few paper plates going spare – and this sunshine craft is the perfect activity to re-upholster and re-cycle them. Cheap to do, you’ll just need some yellow paint and coloured card to construct.

32. Egg-box bus

Never under-estimate a good old-fashioned egg-box craft creation. We’ve come up with 10 different things you can create with them, including this bright egg-box bus that’ll keep your child busy for an afternoon or two.

33. Paper boat

Much like the paper hats, these paper boats are a really fun and inventive way to use up any old newspaper or wrapping paper. Create unique designs with as many different colours and patterns as you like, then set sail.

Get the method: How to make a paper boat

34. A paper gun (that shoots)

Any budding cowboy or cowgirl of the house needs a pistol to re-enact their wild west adventures. Follow our easy tutorial to create a gun from paper that actually shoots out counters.

35. Wanda the Witch

With just some basic craft materials and a wooden spoon, your child can get into the halloween spirit with this wonderful wicked witch creation. This craft doubles up as a great halloween decoration too – try slotting the end of the spoon into some soil on your front lawn and give the neighbours a real fright.


To start, I made a template by drawing an egg on a piece of printer paper. I turned it into a printable for you, so feel free to print it off for your kids to cut out and trace.

For your free printable egg template –> CLICK HERE <<–

We cut out our template, and the kids traced the shape onto their poster paper, and then they cut that egg out.

Design your Easter egg

Younger children can skip the design step and get right to the gluing, but older kids can use a pencil to design the pattern for their Easter egg.

They can draw stripes, squiggles, dots, lines and zig zags etc. to follow and fill in with their tissue paper.

While the kids were designing their eggs, I cut several sheets of Easter coloured tissue paper in to 3 inch squares. I placed them all in a big basket in the middle of the craft table for the kids to decorate their eggs with.

Crumpling your tissue paper

Ok, remember when I said we don’t use pencils to make our tissue paper tufts? This is what we do instead:

My younger kids just crumple their tissue paper into a ball and glue that to their project. My older kids kind of pinch the square of tissue paper in the middle, and they give it a twist to form more of a tuft.

Who doesn’t love an adorable succulent in the spring? For this spring cactus craft, blogger Cami Jones painted wooden eggs to look like cacti, topped them with pink pompoms and glued them into tiny terra cotta pots. Surround them with some green moss for the perfect Easter decoration.

Image via simplyciani/Instagram

In this fun and simple craft, Jennifer at Simply Ciani turns a few simple supplies into these adorable paper plate Easter baskets. Kids will love decorating their own.

Resurrection/Empty Tomb Crafts

A great way to focus on the true meaning of Easter is to actually make resurrection and empty tomb themed crafts and activities with your kids! I also love “Resurrection Sets”, which is just like a nativity set, but for Easter! And I have a few versions here you can craft yourself.

Printable peg doll resurrection set– The bodies print and mod podge onto the pegs, then you have step by step directions to paint the heads yourself.

Printable paper resurrection set– This set can be printed on paper or card stock and stapled into tubes that stand up. The black and white version of this is free for subscribers! Details on post.

DIY Resurrection Garden– this is really fun and relatively easy. Kids love watching this grow as the season goes on, and it makes a great centerpiece!

NEW. This set of printable “Happy Crosses” is so easy and perfect for Easter time! They print flat on paper and roll into a tube to stand up on their own.

Watch the video: ΠΑΣΧΑΛΙΝΕΣ ΚΑΤΑΣΚΕΥΕΣ (October 2021).