Traditional recipes



1. First prepare the dough for the tarts. Beat the sugar with the yolks and the salt powder with the mixer until it melts completely and becomes like a frothy cream.

2. Add the butter / margarine pieces. Incorporate the butter well, then add the sifted flour and vanilla essence.

3. At the end add cold water. Mix all the ingredients well. The dough at first looks crumbly, but as we chew with our hands it becomes a homogeneous and smooth dough.

4. Put in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

5. After it has been refrigerated, take out the dough and spread it on the work table sprinkled with a little flour. Spread it very thin. Cut it with a glass or with a special circle shape. who does not have it is put in muffin tins. It is pricked with a fork on the bottom of the tray so as not to swell.

6. Prepare the cream according to the instructions on the envelope. Let it cool a bit and fill the tarts with a spoon or a star-tipped spirit. Put small fruits as a decoration.

Cooking lesson: looking for summer dessert - sorbet

Simple, refreshing, easy. The perfect definition for sorbet, a dessert that attracts more and more people, conquers by its texture and is extremely easy to prepare.

I had the revelation of sorbet when I bought a box in a hurry without realizing that it does not say ice cream. Slightly dissatisfied with the appearance, I was completely captivated by the taste and when I feel like something cold, sweet but with fewer calories, I return to sorbet with great pleasure.

Sorbet is part of the large family of ice cream dishes, in the category of those made from water, just like a border. Not to be confused with granita (drink with a lot of crushed ice), because sorbet is much denser than this.

The essential things to know about sorbet are that it has more sugar, but less fat than ice cream, has no dairy (milk and cream) and is flavored with fruit. The basic formula is water + sugar + flavor and you don't need a special ice cream machine to prepare it.

Calyx recipes are those with lemon and citrus, but sorbet can be made with almost any kind of fruit, fresh or frozen.

Sorbet recipe with berries

Ingredients (for 4-6 servings):

  • 340g frozen berries
  • 480ml water
  • 200g sugar (more or less depending on how sweet you want it to be)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice

Mix the berries, water and sugar in a pot, add salt and vanilla bean core. Put the mixture on medium heat and let it boil until the sugar dissolves. Reduce the intensity of the fire and let it boil until the fruit softens a little. Allow to cool to room temperature.

When it is cold, turn the mixture into puree, in a blender and add the lemon juice. Strain the puree through a thick sieve so that the seeds remain separate from the berries.

Pour the mixture into a shallow tray and place it in the freezer, stirring in it every half hour with a fork, for the first 2 hours, to prevent the formation of ice crystals. After this period you can transfer the sorbet in a deeper tray (even the cake or cake tray), cover it with aluminum foil and leave it to freeze overnight.

If you want to try other flavors you can make combinations of lemon and mint, currants and red wine, pears and cardamom, blackberries and pomegranates, strawberries and basil or you can make a simple sorbet from melon or melon.

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Paul Bakeries relaunches "Tartelettes Festival"

For the third year in a row, Paul bakeries are relaunching Tart Festival, the campaign that brings customers, at the beginning of autumn, an extensive range of tarts with new flavors and seasonal fruits. Six new, limited edition recipes are added to the classic assortments of strawberry and raspberry tarts. Until mid-October, sweet lovers will be able to enjoy in the bakeries tarts with chocolate, pears, lemon, raspberry and pistachio, multifruits and caramel. The full range will be available in the products with the name tartelette.

Even though summer is coming to an end, it continues in Paul's bakeries. We want all those who cross our threshold to be able to enjoy the most delicious tarts, in a real "festival" of desserts. Every year we welcome customers with new assortments, constantly diversifying the range of tarts, so loved by them ", says Monica Eftimie, Chief Marketing Officer, Paul Romania.

Customers who purchase two Tartelettes during the campaign receive one from the house. The tart collection is available at all Paul bakeries, including chariot-type bakeries.

Traditional recipes.

O daaaa. Plum dumplings are part of the dessert category that reminds me of my great-grandmother. And I'm ashamed to admit, but I haven't eaten in a long time and I've done badly. I forgot how good they are.

It is the first time I prepare them for my children and they have been a success. I think my great-grandmother would be very happy if she saw that her stories were not in vain.

& # 8222Plum dumplings, also known as "dumplings" are a kind of traditional dessert from Central and Eastern Europe, made from potatoes, flour, eggs, breadcrumbs, cinnamon and plums. It is made in the form of dough balls filled with fruit (plums) which are then boiled in water, drained and then rolled in a mixture of breadcrumbs and caramelized sugar. You can use fresh or even dried plums & # 8221 (wikipedia source)

Knödel / knédli / knedl (j) i / knedle / knedľa / dumplings/ – they all refer to the same preparation, namely plum dumplings, as they are called in Transylvania.

My recipe for dumplings is an old recipe but which combined with the sweetest plums in the garden give an extraordinary dessert. And because they had such a transition, I even served them dinner.

So if you have about 10 small and sweet plums and a few potatoes, I suggest you try the dumplings.

Cedric Grolet and the avant-garde confectionery

At only 31 years old, Cedric Grolet runs the confectionery of the luxurious Meurice Hotel in Paris and has just been named "Best Confectioner of 2016". He loves confectionery with "C", and all his desserts are invariably inspired by the seasonality of the seasons. His creative work simultaneously focuses on revisiting classic desserts, creating modern desserts and predictions, just like a fashion designer, permanently connected to trends and eager to create new ones.

Cedric Grolet was born in Firminy, a village in France, in the Loire region. Like many other famous confectioners, Cedric Grolet discovered his passion for the art of cooking at an extremely young age. At the age of 12, he stepped for the first time in the kitchen of his grandparents' hotel in Loire, where he used to spend all his holidays, and at the age of 14, self-taught, he was already specialized in confectionery. His love for confectionery suddenly "hit" him. One day, when he was picking strawberries, he had a revelation that he could be a very good confectioner. "Confectionery is a passion that I discovered myself. I made cakes from everything and from nothing ", Cedric tells about the beginning of his career. After a period in which he experimented and successfully completed his studies, he decided that, in order to evolve, he must take the road to Paris. That's how he got to Fauchon, where he spent the first three months creating only macarons, and then to do research and development, under the wing of the great confectioner Chef Benoît Couvrand. After five years at Fauchon, Grolet joined Camille Lesecq's team at the Hotel Meurice, as a Confectioner Chef.

Over time, Cedric Grolet knew how to "steal" something from every mentor he had: from Cristophe Adam he learned everything about the creative process behind sophisticated desserts, from Benoit Couvrant he learned how to organize in the lab, and from Camille Lesecq & # 8211 how to play with flavors. Alain Ducasse is another great confectioner who helped the young Cedric grow up: “You evolve without wanting to be in his presence. Observing his style, focused on fresh ingredients and original flavors, helped me expand my knowledge. In fact, his favorite confectionery book is "Fauchon", by Christophe Adam: "I really like books whose photos induce a strong desire to taste the dishes."

Luxury dessert collection

A successful dessert is a very balanced combination of shape and background. One without the other is not possible to achieve the confectioner's goal - to arouse emotions among those who taste his creations. "Aesthetics are very important to me. It is what creates desire ", says Grolet in an interview, during the presentation of his dessert collection from autumn 2015. His dishes also keep a balance between flavors and colors, Cedric becoming famous for reinventing the classic French cakes Paris- Brest, Saint-Honoré, Lemon Tart, Lightning or Strawberry Tartlet.

Each Cedric dessert is imagined, drawn, revised and inspired by the surrounding world. The fact that the most used instrument in the laboratory is for Grolet the pen should not surprise us anymore. Not the other way around, but he can't let all the things that go through his head or that he observes at that moment get lost & # 8211 don't know how he can miss a great dessert. "My most trusted ally in the kitchen is the pen. Why? Because I write down everything that inspires me. And of course, I use it to sketch desserts as I create them. " Just like a fashion designer.

If the pen is the most used tool, refined sugar is the least used in the confectioner's laboratory. Although it may seem atypical, given that we are talking about a confectioner, Godret prefers light desserts and believes that too much sweet can "cannibalize" the rest of the flavors. Thus, it aligns with world trends in confectionery, according to which sugar should be just an accessory, and the primary flavors - cocoa, vanilla - should take precedence in their entirety.

Dessert at 5 o'clock

The confectioner's current job, Hotel Meurice, served as the home for the famous painter Salvador Dali, for 30 years, and is now considered the "hotel of kings." His restaurant, named after the famous Spanish painter and holder of two Michelin stars, transforms as the hours pass, from breakfast to a dynamic restaurant at noon, so that in the afternoon it becomes a tea room. Tea time offered here is an experience in itself, being considered by critics the best in all of Paris. Over time, not only tourists eager to try new things, but also Hollywood stars have enjoyed this tasteful journey.

Because a good tea goes very well with a sophisticated dessert, in the menu offer Tea Time there are some of Grolet's most spectacular desserts. Its most famous cake is Citron Vert, which impresses both visually and tastefully. A lime mousse wrapped in white chocolate, Citron Vert is a clear example of how you can turn a fruit into a real delicacy. Another star dish is the Saint-Honoré honey cake, also considered the "wonder of tea time". Invented in 1847, the famous puff pastry cake was modernly reinterpreted by Cedric. Cedric doesn't stop here, he has big plans. He is now working on his first book, the subject of which is currently kept secret, and dreams of opening his own confectionery.

Tested by Foodstroy: White chocolate mousse and Florentine biscuits

We indulged in two dessert recipes instead of one. We found the light and ideal combination that would make us think of ice cream and make us want another portion of dessert.

The weekend dessert bothered us a lot. We thought about what we could replace the appetite that the heat of summer gives you for ice cream and sorbet, without heating our oven in the kitchen more than necessary. I chose a mousse, since it cooks without an oven, and some fake Florentine biscuits & ndash biscuits - made with almond flakes that need a quarter of an hour to bake at a moderate temperature.

The recipes we wanted to try were chosen from Tartelette - a blog with sensational photos of a Frenchwoman based in America, former pastry chef converted into a prestigious photographer for a publishing house - and from a food guru & ndash David Lebovitz.

Mousse Ingredients (6 servings):

  • 180g white chocolate flakes (or finely chopped chocolate)
  • 115g mascarpone
  • 360ml liquid cream

Melt the bain-marie chocolate together with the mascarpone cheese. Remove from the heat when all the chocolate has melted and let it reach room temperature.

Once it has cooled you can start beating the whipped cream until it becomes of a medium consistency. Now quickly incorporate it into the chocolate mixture.

If you want a sweeter cream you can add 1-2 tablespoons of sugar to it.

Put the mousse in glasses or other containers in which you serve it and let it cool. You can start making cookies.

Ingredients for Florentine biscuits:

  • 1 egg at room temperature
  • 50g old powder
  • 130g fried almond flakes
  • a pinch of salt
  • grated peel from an orange

Preheat the oven to 150C. Prepare a tray on which to place a baking paper greased with vegetable oil or butter.

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. With your hand or a spoon soaked in cold water, place piles of the mixture on the prepared tray. They should not be placed too far apart from each other because these biscuits will not grow when baked.

With a damp fork, flatten the piles as much as possible, without leaving spaces between the almond flakes.

Bake for 10-15 minutes until the biscuits are browned. Baking time varies depending on how big the cookies are.

Let them cool in the pan and then take them out on a grill to cool perfectly. They can be kept in a tightly closed container until serving.

Verdict: The mousse is delicious, with a silky texture and easy to prepare. For an even cooler feeling, we put it in the freezer for a while. In addition, I added some berries to balance the sweet taste.

Regarding cookies, we consider the recipe a failure. Instead of 20-25 pieces, we only got 16. We didn't like the taste of egg with sugar much too strong because we had the feeling that we were eating a kind of sweet omelette. Next time I would remove the yolk from the recipe and add a little flour to bind them better.

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Autumn as a festival! Indulge in the 6 new flavors of desserts from Paul's Tartelette range

Did you find out about Paul's new collection of delicious tarts, specially prepared for this fall? Master pastry chefs know how important it is that the ingredients of your favorite desserts are found in a perfect mix. Therefore, in addition to the classic tarts with strawberries and delicious raspberries, they have prepared six more recipes with new flavors and seasonal fruits, which will delight your senses: chocolate, pears, lemon, raspberry and pistachio, multifruits and caramel . A real delight for lovers of quality sweets!

"A real" festival "of desserts, the new collection of tarts brings six unique flavors for all those who cross the threshold of Paul bakeries. Every year, we want to bring variety to our consumers, and this year, with Tartelette Festival, we have once again managed to offer the most delicious assortments for those who want a moment of culinary pampering ", says Monica Eftimie, Chief Marketing Officer , Paul Romania.

Because for two tarts purchased, you will receive one from the house, we are waiting for you in Paul bakeries (including Chariot locations) to enjoy every flavor.

Enjoy the irresistible taste of the new assortments from the Tartelette collection and reserve a special moment for yourself, trying the new combinations that you will not be able to resist.